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Anonymously discover career opportunities,
know your worth, and meet amazing companies.

Discover Career Opportunities Anonymously.

Where do you see your career heading?

Ugh...We hate that question too! Gloat's AI compares your unique career history to millions of others to give you concrete career opportunities in real time. You decide when to start the conversation.

Know Where You Stand

No more guessing. See how many companies are interested in you, without knowing your name. Finally get the visibility you need to make your next career move.

Meet Amazing Companies

One anonymous profile, 500+ tech companies apply to you. From startups to corporate vibes, get to know the most innovative companies out there. In one place. Get to know your perfect fit.

Jonathan Rodriguez

Front End Developer

You're awesome! Signed up a month ago without looking for a job, got 14 offers, one of them sold me on my next adventure... and here I am thanks to Gloat.

Laura Galphini

Product Manager

Gloat understands that I'm busy and don't want to commit to a full-time job search. Now I can just sit back and relax while opportunities come to me.

Matt Jacobs

Data Scientist

Job boards suck, 50 pages of 1000s of jobs. I liked how Gloat personalized the experience by only showing relevant positions immediately after I signed up.

Stop on Your Career.

Gloat Is Free. And Always Will Be.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not looking for a job right now.

Awesome! 78% of our users are not looking for a job either! Gloat is a long term career development tool -not a job board.

Is Gloat really free?

Yes! And it always will be.

Can my boss find out?

No! Your Gloat profile is completely anonymous until you decide to reveal your identity and contact info to each individual company.

Is Gloat really anonymous? Why and how?

Your profile is kept completely anonymous until you specifically choose to reveal your full profile and contact info to each individual company. This way, no one knows you're using Gloat and you'll never be labeled as a job seeker.

Is Gloat only for engineers?

No! Everyone is welcome to sign up for Gloat! Over 500 companies use Gloat to hire for a large range of positions. The focus is on the tech industry, but many of the positions available at tech companies are for non-technical positions like marketing, sales, business development, and customer success.

I want to use Gloat to hire.

Awesome! You can sign up here or read more information over here.